One man attacks the U.S. Supreme Court!

Well the U. S. Supreme Court has surely screwed themselves this time. I presented them with substantial evidence of fraud going on in our American courts and they just keep protecting their legal system like evil dictators. Here’s what I showed these jerks at the U.S. Supreme Court with all the evidence proving a miscarriage of justice and the fraud going on in our State and Federal Courts today and they have refused to correct any of it:

  • First Pennsylvania hid evidence of perjury of their key witness just to politically railroad me for misdemeanor charges. Because of Pennsylvania’s fraudulent activities I had to take this all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and they too kept all of it hidden because it would open up a can of worms which would have exposed all their self-imposed immunity, protectionism and the fraudulent corruption going on in our American Court System today.
  • Second I showed the U.S. Supreme Court that my attorney did indeed lie straight to my face about taking a no contest plea to avoid State time which proved his heinous ineffective assistance of counsel. This imbecile is now a judge in Erie, PA, go figure.
  • Third I submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court, the true perjury evidence of Pennsylvania’s only key witness. Evidence was also submitted proving that Pennsylvania willfully told an Erie Federal Court that my new found evidence of perjury was dismissed in the lower court when Pennsylvania absolutely knew it was never dismissed. Sicker yet was the fact that a judge in this Federal Court believed that a Pennsylvania Court somehow dismissed perjury evidence of their key witness. I almost committed suicide when I got that ruling from that Federal Court.
  • Fourth I showed these jerks at the U.S. Supreme Court that I had repeatedly filed motions to this Federal Court that Pennsylvania had indeed committed fraud upon their Federal Court and was repeatedly denied any hearing to prove the fraud and lies even when Pennsylvania offered no evidence of any dismissal of the perjury evidence. Keep in mind this evidence proved the perjury of their key witness which Pennsylvania was hiding all along. Could it get even sicker: after this Federal Court dismissed all my motions I then sent the perjury evidence back to the trial judge and that imbecile told me I had submitted the perjury evidence of the State’s key witness too late? This is not fiction people as you will see all my evidence is taken from court records.
  • Fifth before I went to the U.S. Supreme Court for these railroaded misdemeanors, the FBI said get even more evidence, so I had Attorney Hathaway search the entire court records in the lower court and he found nothing about any dismissal of the perjury evidence of their key witness in the lower court. Thus Pennsylvania committed fraud upon this Federal Court by saying my new found perjury evidence of their key witness was dismissed in the lower court when it was not. I did indeed submit all this evidence to the less then Honorable U.S. Supreme Court and they refused to correct any of it: a sickness I truly fail to understand.
  • Sixth I showed this less than honorable U.S. Supreme Court that forged insurance policies were dismissed in the lower court to protect one of the largest employers in the town. Keep in mind no court including the less than honorable U.S. Supreme Court would consider a motion to verify that forged insurance policies were being used to establish death threats in a young girl’s mind and induced by her mother. When our highest court protects the internal corruption in our legal system and endanger the welfare of our children what else can I say the system is defunct!
  • Seventh I showed this less than honorable U.S. Supreme Court the heinous torture of a young girl caused by these fake death threats and the related damage to both families, they did nothing nor did any court granted a hearing to expose the truth.
  • Eight I voiced the connection my ineffective attorney to his brother the Ex-Governor of Pennsylvania who had indeed politically gave huge amounts of money to an arena project in Erie, PA benefiting the Erie insurance company who had indeed caused the forged insurance policies to be used for death threats of a very young girl and they just didn’t care about Kathryn’s well being.
  • Ninth After the U. S. Supreme Court dismissal, I sent all this evidence again to two justices of the U.S. Supreme Court because I thought no one read my evidence but nothing was done by them so I gave one of them until July 4th, 2020 to fix it and that time has now passed.
  • Tenth I’m offering $10,000.00 to exposed these animals in our legal system and get them punished for this miscarriage of justice and for the frauds going on in our American Court System today. This kind of court protectionism of all our legal authority figures and their dearest friends is not what my dad and myself served this country for: our legal system has become a total disgrace. If you think just the police need reform for their biases and their protectionism please have a look at our entire legal system including the U. S. Supreme Court. A word of caution this evidence will shock your belief system because it is worse than third world dictator justice! 

You decide if these animals should be judging any of us?

The evidence

Do Black Lives Matter?

Another murder, do black lives matter

Our Legal System is Out of Control.

I now have the fraudulent and unconstitutional activities that our legal system has indeed committed and my evidence exposes the wrongful immunity and protectionism they are enjoying all the way to the highest court in the land, the United States Supreme Court. This is a must read for the average citizen.

The immunity and protectionism enjoyed by our police and other legal authority figures in our legal system must end especially when they can legally violate our United States Constitution.

How can we have law and order in this country when the entire American Legal System has more legal rights then its citizens. They wrongfully violate American citizens that are not in their legal arena and they have immunity even when they wrong us.  They investigate just like a self-policing mafia family, it is the police investigating the police, attorneys are investigated by bar attorneys, and the judges are investigated by other judges: and they can protect any member. These types of mafia actions and self protectionism should to be illegal, sorry not for the current American Legal System.

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Currently our police force can kill people for misdemeanors even before trial and most of them are black. Used to be you were innocent until proven guilty now they can just shoot you. And if you don’t think this racist shit and hateful biases don’t exist in the entire legal system think again. Every Citizen in America is now a victim of the legal system’s immunity and protectionism. Currently Judges have the power to legally protect a friend or business while wrongfully injuring another party. Congress says Judges can’t be sued for any wrong ruling in their official capacity: how sweet it is for judges to have this must power over us. You probably won’t really understand all this until they do it to you.

Some American Citizens today just don’t really understand the protests and rioting going on so let’s imagine the tables are turned. Now we’ll imagine a majority black police force, a black prosecutor and black judges running the legal system.  Now imagine this happening: Four black police officers shoot and kill a young white teenage girl. We also have a video of the white girl dying similar to the George Floyd’s video. Then just like in the repeated past, the legal system may file charges but they don’t really punish or convict any black officers for these repeated crimes against these young women. Now try to imagine what the white folks would do after seeing this again and again. Imagine it has happened repeatedly to many young white girls and the whites are not going to take it anymore. My imaginary protest of the whites would probably be that every city in America would be on fire and many black police would be seriously hurt. Now all life would matter.

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Please check my evidence:  Our legal system is Out of Control

Damage Caused by these Monsters

I blame Judge Dave Ridge, Erie Insurance, Kathryn’s mother, the Commonwealth of PA and the Legal System for this Damage to Kathryn S. Boyd and I want it to end. Framing me was one thing but damaging Kathryn this bad is the sickest consequence these fuckers have caused. I need some freaking help from someone because our American Justice System has only confirmed a fake death threat just to protect an insurance company and my attorney’s brother. This rehab report shows some of the damage to this young girl but there’s much more!

Amended 10/7/2020

I wanted everyone to see the damage to Kathryn Boyd. First my ex Chris Boyd used forged life insurance policies to brainwash her daughter Kathryn to show her that I hated her and wanted to kill her and her mother for money. All this stems from a bad divorce and custody battle. The insurance policies were submitted to the court to confirm these false death threats. I did know that Kathryn had committed perjury by totally denying a real assault with sexual counseling and then did indeed substituted a new more serious assault for the real one. I also knew the insurance policies were forged and paid for by Scott Wood an agent for Erie Insurance just to win a trip. When I told my dumb ass attorney Dave Ridge that they were forged he helped to dismiss them with the help of judge Ernest DiSantis Jr. and the DA for Erie County just to save Erie Insurance from any liability and to protect his brother the ex-Governor of PA Tom Ridge who had ties to Erie Insurance. Thus Kathryn has never known that the fake death threats were caused by these forged policies and Kathryn has been suffering ever since. I must tell you that Kathryn was the happiest child I ever knew at least until the divorce started. Kathryn had straight A’s until the divorce and she loved me so much she would sometimes embarrass me with her love for me when I would pick her up a the daycare center. When I would walked through the door she would run to me jump in my arms and hug me like she hadn’t seen me in days. Understand Kathryn was 10 years old when she loved this much but she testified in a court of law that I had told her to keep her mouth shut or I was going to kill her and her family when she was five years old. Kathryn left my home at age 10 and I hadn’t seen her at all until she was about 13 years old Kathryn when she got in some trouble a school with some sex problems. Knowing Kathryn she would not take the blame for anything so I was an easy scape goat especially since I was going to kill her. Kathryn was coached to tell a new assault story to protect her ass as well but I still love her. Kathryn was always the most interesting and shocking girl I ever knew and I loved all her tricks and games she would play on me. But this game of abuse was based on her mother’s lies so I can only imagine the torture that Kathryn is going through. So I’m testifying right now that my ex and this fucking legal system caused most of Kathryn’s damage you are about to see. I loved my father for sure but if my mother and everybody confirmed that my father was going to kill me and then sent him to jail for it I would be forced to believe it and it would definitely fuck me up for the rest of my life, unless someone showed me that it was all a fucking lie. Kathryn deserves that but not in America.

End Amendment on 10/7/2020!


I went nuclear when I saw this damage to Kathryn:

Here’s Kathryn’s torture and her self-destruction just because she was told a person she loved was going to kill her and her family for money: Kathryn has never seen the truth of these fake death threats mainly because our legal system is defunct including the U S Supreme Court. When the childhood pain is too much to handle they turn to drugs and sometimes no one cares or wants to help.

All these bastards that told Kathryn I was going to kill her and her family and then all the fucking lies were willfully and wrongfully confirmed in Kathryn’s head by our corrupt legal system. So how in the hell can a child live with false death threats for the rest of her life. All these fuckers need to be accountable for Kathryn’s suffering including the U. S. Supreme Court. I’ll tell you right now I loved this girl and never said anything like that to her. I’ve been trying for over 20 freaking years to correct this fucking torture upon Kathryn and every court has told me fuck you, you might have said it. So I’m saying they are all sick mother fuckers and if there was a just god he would rightly kill everyone of them.

Did you read “I’m not sorry for anything I do to people nor do I care if I hurt anyone, especially my family ” If you still think this girl hasn’t been heinously tortured please know that this girl had so many talents that she could have even been President of the United States if she wanted it. They have destroyed this girl so this is just pure evil shit: this is definitely not the girl I knew and loved. So they willfully and wrongfully fucked up her life with forged death threats. And it is pure insanity that there wasn’t a fucking court in America that would help so I really hate these sick mf’s if you know what I mean.

If you read all my evidence you will understand why I have picked up a few French words.




Affidavit of Dave Ridge’s lies

If you think you can believe and/or trust an attorney this will prove to you that you shouldn’t. This evidence will shock you!

My attorney Dave Ridge told me personally that one person’s testimony is enough for a conviction in this State for these types of misdemeanors. He also told me if you take a no contest plea you might get county time with work release and you’ll avoid any State Time. Right after I took the no contest plea he said you’re OK now, go to Houston and start your new job. When I came back for sentencing the bastard Judge Ernest DiSantis sentenced me in the aggravated range which got me 6 fucking years in the State Prison System. Worst yet I had to max the 6 years because the prison said I had to admit to the charges or I would be denied parol. Dave Ridge’s heinous lies were criminal and the bastards at the United States Supreme Court refused to do anything about his ineffectiveness or the PA frauds that were documented. Keep in mind I knew for a fact that the Commonwealth of PA was hiding perjury evidence of their key witness for these railroaded misdemeanors and I just wanted to end all heinous media coverage which had forced and caused me to take a company transfer to Houston. Believe me any sex charges are the new weapons in America. This is just one affidavits that was taken from U.S. Supreme Court records that was submitted to them and they wouldn’t address it.