$10,000.00 Reward Now Being Offered

I’m offering $10,000 to anyone or any group who will help generate a Public Outcry and get a National News Media to investigate, verify and broadcast the fraudulent corruption and child torture which is now securely documented here. Help me and the $10,000.00 is yours!

I Need Your Help, our Legal System is Rigged

The legal system in America is a total disgrace and the U.S. Supreme Court has done nothing about it: even after showing them all the evidence of the fraud happening in the State and Federal courts today.

You will never have the same respect for our legal system when you see the evidence on this site! Our legal system is so appalling and so out of control that I need a national media to verify my evidence so you know that my evidence is not fiction. Without the evidence verified it would read like a fiction novel: hell I couldn’t believe this could happen in America so without verification how could you believe it? So I’m now willing to pay $10,000.00 to expose and verify all their corruption. Ironically the legal system has committed all this fraud and unconstitutional activity for an illegal misdemeanor conviction! Just goes to show you how stupid these imbeciles are?

It might be a challenge to expose these frauds because attorneys employed at these media companies don’t want anybody to see this evidence that would destroy the legal respect and legal power that they currently enjoy. But that’s too bad because you will soon see that the legal system is certainly are not as honorable and respected as we once believed.

Here is a Summary of the frauds committed in State and Federal Courts:

I will show you how Attorney Dave Ridge, now a Judge, ruined many innocent lives just to protect his friends and how he legally advised me wrongfully to take a no contest plea for misdemeanors with his lies with wrongful recommendations straight to my face. Willful trickery and documented ineffectiveness!

I will show you that Dave Ridge fraudulently protected, one of the largest employers in the city, Erie Insurance from an extreme sale policy that literally forced an agent to forge documents just to win a trip. The evil came when these same forged policies started the torture of a very young girl which were criminally used by her mother to establish death threats in her own daughter and thus has been torturing her own daughter for 25+ years.

I will show you that these forged Erie insurance policies were indeed submitted in the lower court to confirm false death threats. They found out the policies were forged and remove them from the court records and because of that a young girl still believes the death threats are real. The damage has continued for over 25+ years for this girl. Thus when I saw this girl’s rehab I knew I had to help her.

I will show you how the Commonwealth of PA knew that a young girl claiming abuse charges were false and that she did indeed commit perjury when she had replaced a real abuse with a fake one. PA fraudulently hid all the evidence that would prove this perjury and all their reasons for doing this are unclear. The girl’s own mother was in the court room and the mother knew she had indeed caused the perjury charges in her own daughter but she just sat back and smiled. Kathryn’s own mentally ill mother told her I was going to kill her and the mother used the forged insurance policies to back up her lies just to destroy any love Kathryn had for Frank.

I will show you that when I finally got my hands on the hidden evidence, the Commonwealth of PA had to commit fraud again in an Erie Federal Court just to protect all their criminal activity for hiding perjury evidence in the lower court. Thus my evidence now proves this Erie Federal Court wrongfully and willfully protected the Commonwealth’s fraud: yes more insanity.

I will also show you that I had repeatedly asked the Erie Federal Court for a hearing to show that PA was lying and had committed fraud in her court but Federal Justice Baxter wrote: denied, not my problem or duty: even when PA did not supply any proof of their lie to this Federal Court. Keep in mind that this judge, Justice Baxter, saw the evidence proving false testimony of the State’s only witness and yet somehow believed that evidence proving perjury was dismissed in a court of law: shows you where her head is. All I wanted was a hearing for the truth and it was wrongfully denied repeatedly. I now have the proof of this fraud upon her court. One granted motion from Justice Baxter could have saved a young girl’s torture for 25+ years. Pure insanity check it out: the smoking gun evidence is here!

I will show you that Judge Ernest DiSantis, the trial judge, did not seek any justice at all. So let me explain: I was currently in the Federal Court on appeal so after the wrongful dismissal by Justice Baxter in Federal Court I went back to the trial court with the perjury evidence and Judge DiSantis ruled: “You have submitted your evidence proving perjury of the State’s only witness too late”. Sounds like fiction but the court records proof of his insanity. Worst yet, they later made this imbecile the President Judge in Erie, go figure.

I will show you that the U.S. Supreme Court wrongfully refused to correct the ineffectiveness of Dave Ridge and the repeated frauds of the Commonwealth of PA by refusing to address any of the factual evidence submitted. Thus no court has allowed my evidence proving their fraud and corruption into any of the court records which is truly an obstruction of justice by our American Court System. This may read like fiction story so that’s why I’m offering the $10,000.00 to prove that our legal system in America is a total disgrace and not honorable at all!

Please read all this evidence carefully, the insanity is alarming!

Current Law for Judges?

You cannot sue judges for actions they took in their official capacity. For example, a judge can rule anyway they want and you cannot sue them. Thus they are protected from their wrong doing and are above our laws because they can rule in their official capacity against anyone they want and they can’t be sued! So when a Judge decides to protect an attorney, he can dismiss any evidence that might expose the attorney’s criminal activity. Yes this is totally unfair, and it is appalling that these judges have this much power. It is sickening how they defend this self imposed immunity they enjoy.

Attorney Ineffectiveness

Others have confirmed Dave Ridge’s lies to me about the reasons for taking a no contest plea: thus this bastard set me up or is just a plain imbecile living on his brother’s reputation.

Here is just one of the affidavits submitted to the courts showing what Dave Ridge had told me and others on the morning of trial. Dave’s legal advice was: that if I took the no contest plea I’d might get some county time with work release and he suggested that I should take a no contest plea to avoid any State time. (AA)

Now that you have read the affidavit keep in mind that I did six freaking years in State Prison because of his lies. I had to do the entire six years because I could not get parole unless I admitted to the charges and since the charges were lies I just couldn’t do it. Get this, I had told my attorney Dave Ridge that Kathryn had committed perjury at the preliminary hearing because I knew for a fact that Kathryn had filed an indecent assault in 1987- (A) and had sexual counseling at the Rape Crisis Center which Kathryn had denied under oath. I told Dave Ridge that Kathryn had denied a real assault and had replaced it with a totally new assault story with death threats. I also told him the mother used the forged Erie Insurance Policies to confirm the death threats in Kathryn’s mind. Dave failed totally as a defense attorney because he should have believed me and found out if Kathryn had received sexual counseling at the Rape Crisis Center. This would have confirmed Kathryn’s perjury testimony. This could have proven then that Kathryn had given false testimony under oath and all the charges would have been dropped. I also could have proven then that the death threats Kathryn was suffering from were totally untrue and not real at all. If he had listened to me about: PA was hiding false testimony – (B) all this would never turned into such an appalling tragedy in our court system. And because of all this immunity enjoyed by our Judges and the blue blood protection of their legal system it couldn’t even be corrected in the U.S. Supreme Court: apparently legal clerks are dismissing all fraudulent claims against attorneys and judge and the justices just OK it.

More Cons in the Lower Court

After I agreed to Dave’s no contest plea Dave told me: Ok we are done here go to Houston and start your new job. When I moved to Houston I began to questioned the plea I agreed too because I knew all the charges were false. I called an attorney in Houston and he said you been railroaded by Dave Ridge, fire that jerk and get a new attorney to withdraw your no contest plea before sentencing. So I hired a new attorney in Erie but it was wrongfully denied by the mentally ill Judge Ernest DiSantis Jr. I had told DiSantis during the plea that the system was a problem and later this same retarded prick Judge DiSantis wrongfully dismissed the hidden evidence of perjury when I finally found it and submitted it to him. Get this, I had submitted to him the evidence proving Kathryn’s false testimony and this prick ruled that I submitted the evidence too late: there is something seriously wrong with this asshole. So once again let me say that this prick Judge Ernest DiSantis Jr. fraudulently protected the State of Pennsylvania for hiding false testimony of their only key witness and this prick gets away with it because he enjoys absolute immunity. It’s a real shame I can’t sue this dumb ass! Not only did this bastard sentence me to State time he increased the charges to the aggravated range which seriously increased my time and totally violated everything my asshole attorney Dave Ridge had told me. So yes Judge DiSantis deserves the death sentence but he can’t be touched.

The Torture of a Child

Soon you can check out what Dave, the system, Kathryn’s mother and Kathryn’s new family have done to Kathryn S. Boyd, now a woman in her late 30’s. Right after I saw this document Kathryn called me and told me she has been suffering since she was 11 or 12 years old from constant nightmares about me hurting her and killing her. I thought OMG how in the hell could this be, I loved this girl and she knew it – literally best of friends – why could she have said all these lies against me. Oh yes, she was told and shown insurance policies that I was going to kill her. Kathryn’s nightmares and death threats could have only been caused by the forged Erie Insurance documents that were submitted to the court. Chris, Kathryn’s own mother, used these forged policies on Kathryn’s mind to destroy any love Kathryn had for me. Check out the damage and the torture this girl has gone though.

Kathryn has been suffering for over 20 years

This much mental damage could have never happen under my watch and it’s the main reason I’m offering the $10,000.00. This child torture continues because many of the Courts’ rulings were made to protect their immunity- (C).

Dave if you can sleep after seeing the link above (C) then you’re sicker than sick!

Attorney Dave Ridge

Looking good, but: All is not as it seems! A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

The Legal War Starts – Frank vs. American Legal System

David And Goliath, Bible, Strength“The Judges said: Stop him – take away Frank’s sling: we can’t let him exposed us.”

Reasons for offering the $10,000.00

  • This site shows the appalling ineffectiveness of Attorney Dave Ridge.
  • This site shows that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania wrongfully hid perjury evidence of their only key witness.
  • This site shows that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania willfully lied to a Federal Court to coverup their fraudulent activities in the lower court.
  • This site shows the U.S. Supreme Court has implied by dismissing – State and Federal fraud is acceptable if it works to protect their legal system.
  • This site shows that our American Court System has the fraudulent ability to hide want ever they want.
  • This site shows that law and order is required for citizens but it not required for most lawmakers, attorneys, and judges.
  • This site shows that Dave Ridge helped to remove key evidence just to protect his friends.
  • This site shows how the legal system has ruined families with forged life insurance policies.

America will be totally appalled when they see how fraudulent misdemeanors have ruined so many life’s for over 25 years. Mainly caused by Attorney Dave Ridge’s actions and an American court system that has protected so many of their unconstitutional activities. The American Appeal Courts have also protected the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who had willfully and wrongfully committed fraud by hiding all the defense evidence in State Courts and the courts still protect PA after seeing that PA fraudulently hid it again in a Federal Court of law. All just to protect their railroaded charges for misdemeanors in the lower court. Thus the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania did indeed lie when they told the Erie Federal Court that Frank’s new found evidence proving the false testimony was dismissed in the lower court and they knew it was never dismissed. Here’s that Smoking Gun proof! (D) Even more appalling: the U.S. Supreme Court is so protective of the American legal system that they have refuse to address any of this fraud: so they too are now be involved in this miscarriage of justice. The U.S. Supreme Court has ignored and refuse to hear any of this fraud even when Frank showed them all the evidence in (D) above. This evidence here has been directly taken from the U.S. Supreme Court records which was legally submitted and they ignored it. Probably because the U.S. Supreme Court only hears 3% of the cases before it: our lawmakers seem to think that is enough access to our highest court: that’s insane?

I’m praying that this evidence will somehow get in the court records by a Public Outcry with the media coverage. This much criminal activity in our courts sounds like fiction but Frank, Kathryn, and other family members still have to live and suffer with all of it: even when we have all the evidence that proves their criminal activity. We can not have law and order in this country when our legal system willfully and wrongfully protects Attorneys and Judges who violate our U.S. Constitution! How our America Legal System got so out of control is appalling.

Fraud Prevention, Scam, Corruption
 Betrayed by American Courts – Appalling!

How it all started:

Charges were filed for misdemeanor death threats and assaults. The DA in Erie PA offered a deal to Dave Ridge which was to reduce six misdemeanor charges to one misdemeanor count if Frank would plead guilty. Frank knew Kathryn had lied her ass off and already had committed perjury at the preliminary hearing so naturally Frank refused that offer and wanted a trial. Frank had no idea that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania would willfully and wrongfully hide Kathryn’s perjury and false testimony from the courts and Frank wrongfully assumed Dave Ridge was a decent attorney. He never mention a law in PA that one person’s testimony is enough for conviction for these types of crimes until the morning of trial which should be unconstitutional. Kathryn had given false testimony and Frank does have her false testimony – (E) from court records. As now shown Kathryn did indeed lie and gave false testimony under oath. You should now realize Kathryn committed this perjury because she was mentally tortured by death threats with forged Erie Insurance policies by her own mother and was wrongfully coached by her mother with new abuse stories.

Dave Ridge’s big mistake even before trial was when Dave Ridge assisted in getting forged Erie Insurance life insurance policies removed from court records that were being used for the death threats. Kathryn’s mother, Chris Boyd-Sontag-Sanders, had used the life insurance policies for over two years to convince Kathryn that Frank was going to kill her and her family: all this was orchestrated to destroy any love Kathryn had for Frank because they were now separated. Kathryn’s mother had almost two full years to use these policies to kill any love Kathryn had for Frank partly because he had refused to adopt Kathryn. The first refusal reason not to adopt was when Kathryn’s mother tried to blackmail me to adopt Kathryn saying she would bring Kathryn’s real father back into the picture if I didn’t adopt Kathryn. But one of her friends told me that Chris just wanted to lock in child support for Kathryn because our marriage was having some issues. The second refusal reason is more serious. Chris may have pushed Kathryn to hard to convince me to adopt Kathryn because Kathryn finally crossed the line one morning when she masturbated me while I was sleeping. When I woke up I don’t remember what I said, but this is what came out of Kathryn’s mouth. Kathryn told me: “If you tell mother want I was doing to you I will tell her you were touching me.” Mind you, I never touched her wrongfully and never forced her to do anything, so someone is going to have to tell me how in God’s name can a ten year old even say such a thing. I knew it was wrong and Kathryn obviously knew it was wrong,  so everyone knows I didn’t force her to do that. I did finally realized that Kathryn would continue her taboo sexual experimenting activities and that she would be in full control of me so I lived in fear. (I’m sorry Kathryn I was mad at you for not coming forth with the truth so I put your threat in the records somewhere and then I remembered you were brain washed believing I was going to hurt you or kill you. I’m also sorry for the rehab report but I wanted everyone to know what your mother and this System has done to you.) Anyway I couldn’t live in a house when a child could force a parent to do whatever she wants: so I had to leave. I’ll always loved Kathryn because she always loved me like a puppy dog so there is no way I could ignore her love. Thus when I saw her rehab report I was ready to hurt someone. Shortly after I saw the report, she called me and told me she was suffering daily, so I been trying to fix this every since. Anyway I couldn’t tell anybody about Kathryn’s threat, not my wife, not child services for the same reasons, and not even my priest because Father Murray was just relocated for abusing his altar boys. I also couldn’t tell Chris why I wanted my bedroom door locked when she left in the morning. When Chris refused to lock my bedroom door after she left in the morning I told her I wanted a divorce as soon as Jon turned seven but she then filed months before me. All Chris knew at that time was that Kathryn loved me and I would not adopt Kathryn.  Chris had the insurance policies so she used them on Kathryn to kill any love Kathryn had for me telling Kathryn: “See Kathryn he was going to kill all of us for money and you know he hated you because he would not adopt you”. After we separated in 1992 I would see Kathryn sometimes when I went for Jon and I felt her new found hate and I knew she was ordered not to talk or hug me again. All this hate was going on for about two years before the school sexual abuse started in 1994. I knew Kathryn was sexual since she was 5 years old from the Millcreek Police Report and I knew she would never blame herself, so with help from her mother she decided: OK Mr. Frank you wanted to kill me, handle these abuse charges. Thank God she made some mistakes in her testimony.

These dam policies from Erie Insurance

The insurance policies were presented to the court by the DA as proof of death threats at least until they found out they were forged. This has indeed caused Kathryn serious problems for over 25 years now because Kathryn has never been told they were forged – I told her they were forged but she didn’t believe me because she said the courts have said they are real. After Frank told Dave Ridge they were forged policies Dave helped to cover up the forged policies. Erie Insurance was running contests to win free trips for a few agents who got the most life insurance policies sold before a certain date which caused  Frank’s agent, Scott Wood, to forge Frank’s signature on four life insurance policies and Scott paid the premiums out of his own pocket, just to win the trip from Erie Insurance. And the use of these fraudulent polices by Kathryn’s mother started Kathryn’s torture for 25+ years now. Dave Ridge had warned the Commonwealth of PA about these forged documents because he wanted to protect Erie Insurance Exchange from potential problems and wanted to protect his brother the ex-Governor of PA, Tom Ridge, who had previous money ties for the Erie Insurance Arena. Please keep in mind these forged life insurance policies were being used to establish death threats in Kathryn’s mind and used to force Kathryn to believe someone she loved was going to kill her.What does it take to stop the pain?

Sorry Kathryn I can’t stop your hurt but I keep trying.

Anyway Dave was totally not ready for the morning trial and if you can imagine this attorney said nothing until the very morning of trial about a Pennsylvania law which somehow allows one person’s testimony to convict you for misdemeanor assaults. This asshole should have told me about that unconstitutional law when the DA offered to reduced the charges to one misdemeanor count. I don’t understand how this law is constitutional in America: what ever happened to our U.S. Constitution? Kathryn had told the DA that Frank assaulted her from 1986 to 1988 on East Grandview. When the DA heard that Kathryn had denied under oath an indecent assault with Rape Crisis counseling in 1987, he willfully and wrongfully decided to hid all her perjury and false testimony. When I finally found the DA’s hidden evidence, this prick had to commit fraud again in Federal Court to cover up all his criminal activities in the lower court. Thus the Commonwealth of PA knew before trial that Kathryn had indeed filed an indecent assault charges against four boys with a knife in 1987 on East Grandview. They knew Kathryn went for sexual counseling at the Rape Crisis Center in 1987 for this assault. And they knew Kathryn had denied all this under oath at the preliminary court and had replaced it with a new assault. The Commonwealth also knew that the sexual counselor from Rape Crisis could have never confirm Kathryn’s new abuse stories because that much sexual activity with death threats could have never been overlooked by a trained counselor. Simple fact is, if the Commonwealth of PA had not hidden this counselor from Rape Crisis Center that counselor could have proven that Kathryn did go to the Rape Crisis Center and Kathryn’s counselor would have proven that Kathryn did receive sexual counseling and thus did indeed talk about sexual abuse. That would have proven her perjury and false testimony and the case would have been dropped. These fake death threats by her mother caused Kathryn to totally ignore all the events of the Millcreek Police Report of the 1987 assault and only told the stories being suggested by her mother. Just imagine a small child between 10 and 11 honestly believing that someone she loved so much was going to kill her – just how sick would a heinous lie like that be especially if the child’s own mother and the courts told her that it was true?

Kathryn's Suffering - Forced to believe the lies
Listen Kathryn, Frank was going to kill you! “No that can’t be true, he was my best friend!”

The induced false testimony and PA Fraud

Kathryn’s mother suggested and induced so many stories that Kathryn TESTIFIED around 1994 that she never had any sexual counseling concerning any sexual assault when she was younger. Kathryn did finally remember talking to a counselor but she said: but they never asked her if she was sexually abused: so nothing makes sense after you see the evidence on this page – (E). Thus after the Commonwealth of PA heard Kathryn’s testimony under oath about not remembering any sexual assault with related sexual counseling they knew that they had to make the Police Report with reference to the sexual counseling at Rape Crisis disappear. Because the Commonwealth had hid this evidence in the lower court, the Commonwealth of PA was then forced to commit fraud again in Federal Court when Frank found the hidden evidence. As now proven the Commonwealth of PA willfully and wrongfully told a Federal Appeals Court that my new found evidence proving the false testimony of Kathryn was dismissed in the lower court when they knew it was not and Frank shows that evidence – (F). Dave Ridge refused to even check out Frank’s claims of the Kathryn’s false testimony even after Frank told him there was a filed Police Report for the 1987 sexual assault. Frank also told him that Kathryn indeed went to the Rape Crisis for sexual counseling. What did this prick do, nothing he believed that PA had given all discovery to him and Frank must be lying about it and he calls himself a criminal attorney? Frank has shown all the evidence of Kathryn’s induced perjury? – (E) Frank has the police report about the four boys with a knife and the evidence of Kathryn’s sexual counseling at Rape Crisis which Kathryn had totally denied under oath. All this it gets worse; the Commonwealth of PA had willfully and wrongfully doubled the assault charges because Frank decided to moved his step daughter from that sexual assault neighborhood at Grandview to a better neighborhood home on Coleridge. So because Frank moved Kathryn away from that sexual assault neighborhood to a new address the charges were doubled. So the girly man in Erie, Marshall Prick-a sin i (sorry might have misspelled his name) representing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania now made the charges appeared as two separate assaults making Frank appear in some States as a repeat offender. Thus States like Hawaii have legalized more unconstitutional laws because they can’t read or understand the legal definition of a repeat offender.

Some of Kathryn’s sexual activities learned at Grandview must have carried on to our new Coleridge home and must have increased in our new neighborhood after our two year separation because some gal from Hamot Hospital started asking questions about the sexual behavior of a few children at the school and Kathryn would never take the blame for anything. Kathryn has believed all her mother’s exacerbating insurance policies and her mother also helped by suggesting and inducing Kathryn to create a new abuse story which forced or induced Kathryn to commit the perjury in a court of law. If any of you attorneys or judges try to blame Kathryn or charge her, don’t even try it: I’m bordering on the edge of uncivilized now.

When Frank was sent Kathryn’s rehab report years ago, Frank talked to her shortly afterwards. Listening to her heinous affects of what this has done to Kathryn and the mental torture she has suffered and it still suffering was appalling, sickening, and shocking. We should certainly have all these legal criminals in our court system all mentally committed or locked up for life. Frank must also mention the indirect damage caused to all the families involved. Damage so bad that his son Jon was literally kidnaped while Frank was in prison and Chris Boyd used her fraudulent tricks to make Frank’s son, Jon, change his last name to hers. Kathryn’s mother also demanded for years that Frank’s son Jon and especially Kathryn were never allowed to have any contact or write to Frank: Chris is one very sick mentally ill person and she needs some help.

Chris Boyd
Chris Boyd, Frank’s EX


Again, on the morning of trial and not before Dave Ridge tells Frank – one person’s testimony is enough for a conviction in Pennsylvania for these misdemeanors. What kind attorney holds this kind of info from his client until the morning of trial? He then tells Frank: “Definitely consider a no contest plea and avoid State time”. Keep this in mind Dave demanded another $10,000 from Frank for trial expenses just weeks before trial and then tells Frank on the morning of trial: “Hey Frank this could happen if we go to trial, consider a no contest plea to all the charges because if we don’t win you’ll get State time: and one person’s testimony is enough for a conviction in this State for this type of crime. You have no criminal record and you’ll save Kathryn the embarrassment of trial so the judge will take it easy on you, maybe some county time with work release”. Because Frank loved Kathryn so much and didn’t want to ever embarrass her for her false testimony and the fact that Frank just wanted to go to Houston and start his new job he said OK. MY BAD! After Frank took the no contest plea and made it official Dave says: “Go to Houston now and start your new job we are done now.” So like a God damn fool Frank listened to Dave. Yes an Attorney in Houston said fire Dave Ridge’s ass and get a new one and redraw your plea but Judge DiSantis said freak you Frank. When Frank listened to DiSantis’ aggravated sentencing, his life was destroyed. Frank got sentenced to six freaking years in a State prison sentenced by this unethical, biased, and apparently abused Judge named Ernest DiSantis. What could be worst, Frank had to do the entire six freaking years in a State prison because the Commonwealth of PA’s prison system demanded Frank to admit guilt to the no contest misdemeanor charges or he would be denied parole until he did: so the unconstitutional behavior continued. Frank’s ethic principals forced him to max out because he just couldn’t force himself to admit to all those freaking lies. Because the Commonwealth was hiding all Frank’s defense evidence, this freaking State had denied him any defense for this type of crime and Dave did absolutely nothing for Frank. Frank finally got all the hidden perjury evidence from jail so Dave Ridge could have gotten it too, if he was a criminal attorney. He is now a Judge and that is sickening. When Frank went to the appeals courts, PA put their next fraud into play which would stop any appeal courts arguments. The Commonwealth of PA (represented by Marshal Piccinini) did committed fraud in a Federal Court to protect PA’s unlawful and railroad conviction and that evidence is here: Here’s that fraud – (F): This evidence proves that Marshall Piccinini told the Federal Court in Erie that Frank’s new found evidence proving false testimony/perjury was dismissed in the lower court and he knew it was never dismissed, he just hid it. After repeatedly filings for re-considerations to this Federal court showing cause that the Commonwealth was lying and committing fraud, Justice Baxter in this Erie Federal Court told Frank it was not her duty to investigate any fraud committed by the Commonwealth of PA: so much for seeking justice in her Federal Court. I submitted reconsideration to the head justice McLaughlin but he followed Baxter’s lead not to check out this fraud and after all Frank’s court filings isn’t it funny that Erie Insurance decided to hire McLaughlin in 2013. I was in Federal Court so after Federal Baxter’s dismissal, Frank sent the new found evidence back to the trial judge, Judge Ernest DiSantis and he told Frank that he had submitted the evidence too late. This Judge saw the false testimony of Kathryn and heard the fraud committed by the Commonwealth of PA in a Federal Court and he said Frank sent it in too late? Screw you too previous President Judge Ernest DiSantis and I wish I could sue your dumbass! When Frank finally got out of prison six years later in 2002 he went to the FBI. The FBI told him to get more evidence of PA’s fraud and let the Supreme Court handle it, so Frank hired an attorney to do just that. This attorney (Hathaway) has now confirmed the evidence Frank presented to the Federal Court proving the false testimony evidence was not excluded in the lower court and his official letter is again located here: Attorney confirms Pa’s Fraud – (F). So Frank took these fraudulent misdemeanors all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court showing what his ineffective attorney had told him on the morning of trial, proved the false testimony of Kathryn, showed what a biased trial Judge Ernest DiSantis was, and the willful and wrongful fraud committed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in State Court and then again in a Federal Court of Law. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear it and just dismissed it. The U.S. Supreme Court has thus protected PA’s fraud in a State and Federal Court which literally put an end to law and order in this country. As an Honorable Discharged Navy Aviation Electronic Technician, Frank is appalled that this kind of corruption goes on in our America Legal System: we need reform and Frank could use some help. It’s been like fighting this Mafia with a feather: they took away my sling and they just sit back and laugh. That’s why I’m offering $10,000.00.

The current legal system in America!

You can't touch us!
         You can’t touch us we are the law and order in America!




Frank Goes Nuclear

I’d like someone in Erie Pa to help me exposed this corruption. Hoping the $10,000.00 does it!

email comments to: comments@obstructionofjustice.frankgoesnuclear.com