Damage Caused by these Monsters

i went nuclear when I saw this damage to Kathryn:

Kathryn’s new family was trying to blaming me for this damage

This document shows Kathryn’s induced torture and her self-destruction just because she was told the lie that a person she loved was going to kill her and her family for money: Kathryn has never seen the truth of the fake death threats mainly because our legal system is fucked up: including the U S Supreme Court. 

All these bastards that told Kathryn I was going to kill her and her family. All these fucking lies were then willfully and wrongfully confirmed in Kathryn’s head by our corrupt legal system when the court dismissed the forged insurance policies used for death threats. 

Did you read “I’m not sorry for anything I do to people nor do I care if I hurt anyone, especially my family ” If you still think this girl hasn’t been heinously tortured think again. Kathryn told me she wanted her real father killed so how bad are they treating her? They willfully and wrongfully fucked up her life with forged insurance policies and the mother’s new abuse stories. And it is pure insanity that there wasn’t a fucking court in America that would help including the United States Supreme Court. Please take the time to look at my evidence against the American legal system and you’ll see just how fucked up they are.

The worst part of the American legal system is that they allowed a cunt Chris Boyd to actually kidnap my son Jon because they refused to investigate all Chris Boyd’s orchestrated lies upon her own children. If there was even a time for a hate crime against our American legal system and my ex this was it. These mother fuckers are extremely lucky I’m a civilized man or they would all be dead. Cunts just like Chris Boyd are using sex to destroy men in this country and that must be changed because there is no equal protection in the system anymore.

fjs (theebeast666) Declaration

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Affidavit of Dave Ridge’s lies

This lying bastard refused or had no brains to find the perjury evidence, he helped to save Erie Insurance concerning forged insurance policies used for death threats and then this fucker convinced me with legal advise to take a no contest plea to avoid State time and save Kathryn from being embarassed. There is nothing worst than a lying dirty scumbag attorney, a torturous death might be worst. When I was sentenced to six fucking years you know what I wanted to call this lying asshole. When he was elected Judge, I knew that Erie, Pennsylvania was fucked for sure.

Dave Ridge a lying SOB

This prick selected the jury without me present. When I saw the jury a day before trial sure enough, they had a friend of my ex-wife sitting in a jury seat or it was a twin for sure, which kept me up all night long.  A big FUCK YOU DAVE RIDGE! What the fuck is wrong with you? You are the dumbest and most evil fucking person I have ever dealt with. Please take a knife to your belly if you have any honor left in you, I have no fucking idea how you can live with yourself. I don’t give a shit if you were blackmailed to fuck me over, but it was your biggest mistake of your disgraceful life. If people think you are qualified to be a judge or an attorney, then those same people would probably qualify me to be a brain surgeon. I’m not going away. until you are punished: fuck face.

If you think you can believe and/or trust an attorney this will prove to you that you shouldn’t. This evidence will shock you!

My attorney Dave Ridge told me personally that one person’s testimony is enough for a conviction in this State for these types of misdemeanors. He also told me if you take a no contest plea you might get county time with work release and you’ll avoid any State Time. Right after I took the no contest plea he said you’re OK now, go to Houston and start your new job. When I came back for sentencing the bastard Judge Ernest DiSantis sentenced me in the aggravated range which got me 6 fucking years in the State Prison System. Worst yet I had to max the 6 years because the prison said I had to admit to the charges or I would be denied parol. Dave Ridge’s heinous lies were criminal and the bastards at the United States Supreme Court refused to do anything about his ineffectiveness or the PA frauds that were documented. Keep in mind I knew for a fact that the Commonwealth of PA was hiding perjury evidence of their key witness for these railroaded misdemeanors and I just wanted to end all heinous media coverage which had forced and caused me to take a company transfer to Houston. Believe me any sex charges are the new weapons in America. Following is just one affidavit, I had two more and this was taken directly from U.S. Supreme Court records that was submitted to them. The c–k suckers in our highest court wouldn’t address the lies of Dave Ridge or any of his ineffectiveness. It seems these c–k suckers at the Supreme Court believed that any brother of Tom Ridge who sat as PA’s ex-governor and previous head of homeland security would never expect Dave Ridge his brother to misled a client and ruin his brother’s powerful legacy. Please go fu-k-off some where else Supreme Court Justices he said no f–king State time for a no contest plea when I knew Kathryn had in fact committed perjury and that the DA was in fact hiding that evidence. So F U all….