Damage Caused by these Monsters

I blame Dave Ridge, Erie Insurance, Kathryn’s mother, the Commonwealth of PA and the Legal System for this Damage to Kathryn S. Boyd and I want it to end. Framing me was one thing but damaging Kathryn this bad is the sickest consequence these fuckers have caused. I need some freaking help from someone because our American Justice System will not help. This rehab report shows some of the damage to this young girl but there’s much more!

Amended 07/07/2020

I’m sorry Kathryn, I had to show what these people have done to you. After you left the house in 1992 you must have got yourself in some sexual problems at school around 1994-1995 but why would you blame me just to protect yourself? Surely you know that I loved and adored you and never threatened you or forced you to do anything so how in the hell can you ever believe I would hurt you. God dam it Kathryn wake the fuck up and get off those fucking drugs. You must know that when you masturbated me while I was sleeping and told me: “If you tell mother want I was doing to you I’ll tell her you were touching me.” that blackmail statement coming out of your mouth almost gave me a heart attack. I would like to know if you mother told you to done this or were you so smart to control me and protect your activity because you obviously knew it was wrong. I know you were sexually activity since you were five years old and I could never tell anyone about the things you did sexually because no one would believe it anyway. How any girl your age knew so much about everything like that was shocking. After your mother refused to lock my bedroom door in the morning I had to tell her I was filing for divorce. I knew I could not live in a home with that kind of threat from you. Thus you could do anything or demand anything if I didn’t do whatever you wanted or I’d be dead in the water. Don’t blame yourself for the divorce though because I already knew your mother was insane, a con artist, and a total asshole even though your blackmail statement did triggered the divorce. When you told me you were suffering with terrifying nightmares of me hurting and killing you I was sick with shock. I found out in the court proceedings that your mother had been using forged insurance policies to hurt you and instill you with fake death threats because she knew you loved me more than she did and she just wanted to destroy any love that you had for me. Kathryn, everyday you always had new ways to love you and you did impress me at least until 1992 so I couldn’t help but love your genius. So if your mother, the legal system, and those fucking drugs have caused you not to believe how much I loved you: your going to have to search your soul for the truth. I thought you loved me the same way, at least until your mother feed you a crock of shit. I would like to talk to you again about the real reality if you ever wake up. Yes the legal system has reinforced all the heinous shit in your head so you probably think your stories must be real but please do a little soul searching and look at my evidence concerning these sick animals. This much torture for over 25 years is insane, do you want it to continue? The people I have mentioned on this website have heinously damaged you and those fucking hard drugs are not the answer: wake up. You were the smartest and most interesting person I have ever met in my life and I’m truly sorry that these people have ruined you life. I certainly still love and miss you Kathryn: it‘s time to wake up so we can get these animals exposed. Yes you have sometimes pissed me off for not telling the truth for so long but if you still believe I would ever hurt you, you have a serious problem that you must address ASAP. I swear to you Kathryn that the insurance policies that your mother used for death threats were forged by Scott Wood and induced by Erie Insurance. Our current legal system did coverup the truth for years which has also caused most of the torture in your life, so let’s pay them back. Justice Neil Gorsuch on the U. S. Supreme Court was the last straw for the American Legal System and he apparently doesn’t give a shit about you at all. All their unethical legal system wants to do is protect their members and preserve their self-imposed immunity for any wrong doings they commit.

End Amendment on 07/07/2020!


I went nuclear when I saw this damage to Kathryn:

This is Kathryn’s torture and her self-destruction just because she was told a person she loved was going to kill her and her family for money: Kathryn has never seen the truth of these fake death threats.

Did you read “I’m not sorry for anything I do to people” If you don’t think this girl was heinously tortured know that this girl had so many talents that she could have been President of the United States if she wanted it. Jesus H Christ this is just pure evil shit: this is not the girl I knew so they fucked her up pretty good. I have to fix this!


Ineffective Legal Counsel

Dave Ridge told me personally that one person’s testimony is enough for a conviction in this State for these types of misdemeanors. He also told me if you take a no contest plea you might get county time with work release and you’ll avoid any State Time. After I took the no contest plea he said you’re OK now go to Houston and start your new job. When I came back for sentencing the Judge sentenced me in the aggravated range and I got 6 freaking years in the State Prison System¬† – and some wonder why I hate these bastards! This is just one affidavits that was taken from U.S. Supreme Court records that was submitted to them.