What would happen if George Floyd was a white cop?

Imagine how George Floyd would have been treated if he had been a white cop passed out at Wendy’s!


Can you really imagine how things would have gone down if George Floyd had been a real white cop passed out at Wendy’s. You can bet your sweet ass he would not have been shot and killed. He would have been treated as a human being and protected as a family member. But the biggest problem we have is the protectionism of all their members and their dearest friends in the current American legal system that denies all of us any true justice in this country.

Yes the police need reform in handling black citizens especially, but the main problem is our American Legal System has repeatedly protected the illegal actions of the police in the past. And if you don’t think these racial biases run through the entire court system think again: my evidence will prove it to you. This legal family of police, prosecutors, attorneys, judges and our lawmakers protect each other like any Mafia family protects anyone in their group. We must demand change!

This is why so many crimes done by our legal system are dismissed or reduced and wrongfully protected in the current American Court System.

The police investigate the wrong doings of the police, attorney misconduct is investigated by a group of bar attorneys, and Judges are investigated by other Judges.  When our legal system hides evidence or produces fake evidence to protect one of their own is constitutionally and morally wrong. To repeat: If you think these racist and biases are not our the American legal system think again. This might be the biggest problem we have with the legal system. Mr. George Floyd was assaulted and killed because he was black so it would be pure insanity if we allow the American Legal System to unconstitutionally protect any of their members again. We the people in American have seen in the past that convictions against some of their members have been denied, thrown out, or buried: so all this self imposed protectionism for their members must be addressed ASAP. Maybe the sickest part of end-running our Constitution is that our lawmakers in Congress have given our judges absolute immunity in their official capacity so they can wrongfully and willfully violate our U.S. Constitution with a stroke of a pen. This means that any judge can dismiss or allow any evidence to protect any police person or any legal member in their legal family and they cannot be sued. This immunity could be used today even when one of their legal rats had committed rape or murder. This immunity and protectionism in our American Legal System have caused most of the violence and pyromaniacs on our streets. These legal minds think they have better minds, more ethics and are more Honorable then any regular citizen lowlife. If you think this protectionism of their members isn’t going on, you must see all my evidence on this website. Even the United States Supreme Court is involved. I’m still waiting on Justice Neil Gorsuch to see if his Court will continue to protect the fraud going on by some attorneys, prosecutors, and judges in the courts below them. There can be no law and order for American Citizens if there is no law and order in our Highest Court.

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Let me try to explain the real cause of the hate and violence going on in the peaceful protests. Some of you white people may not understand why this hate and violence goes on; so let’s imagine that blacks and whites are turned around 180 degrees.

Try to imagine that you saw in the past white woman being beaten repeatedly by a group of black policeman and you saw that there was no real punishment of any the officers. Imagine you keep seeing it and hearing it again and again with no justice for the victims. Imagine you see in the latest news that a white woman was choked and wrongfully killed by four black cops on national video. Now try to imagine that our legal system is mostly comprised of black attorneys, black prosecutors, and black judges. When you realize there has never been any justice for white women what the hell do you think would happen in America if this killing had happened to another white female in America? I’m guessing you would see every police station in America burnt to the ground and more policeman dead. You would see destruction beyond belief and you better just get the hell out of their clan way because no one would be safe. So it would seem that the police need to really calm down on citizens and treat everyone with some respect at least until proven guilty. Thus the biggest problem in the America Legal System may be the wrongful protectionism of their rats currently employed in their System. These legal people repeatedly tell us: our legal people are law abiding, better, and smarter than any regular citizen in America. So they warn us if any legal authority says anything to you, even of you are in the right, you will obey and never question our authority: we can frame you and punish you, maybe kill you if you don’t do exactly what we say – so live with this fear get it? Yes we need reform!

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I now have the proof of all this wrongful protectionism in our Legal System on this website so it will be up to the American Citizens in the country to address it and restore some justice in America. I am also giving Justice Neil Gorsuch in the U. S. Supreme Court one last chance (until July 4th, 2020) to expose the frauds going on in our legal system. If he does not correct the fraud, protectionism, and the biases in our legal system there can be no law and order in America. Thus it is not just the police causing the problem in America it is the legal system including prosecutors, attorneys, judges, and Congress who protect their Legal members just like any old fashion Mafia Family did. We the people should not be bullied by a legal system that is not truly ethical and honorable anymore! End Amendment 6-7-2020. 

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